Grandoozy Takes A “Hiatus” From Denver For 2019

DENVER, CO – Grandoozy, the boozy outdoor festival that premiered in Denver and brought Florence and the Machine, Stevie Wonder and Kendrick Lamar to the Overland Park Golf Course, will take a grand hiatus for 2019, organizers said.

Superfly, the parent company of the festival announced on Twitter Friday that they would not return to Denver next year, but still plan to work on the festival and hope to return.

"Superfly, the producers behind Grandoozy, feels a special connection to Denver and its people and intends to use its hiatus as an opportunity to create a festival that is even more unique, sustainable, and integrated into the region’s local and creative community," the statement said.

The company inked a multi-year contract until 2022 with the City of Denver.

Stevie Wonder performs at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Thursday, Aug. 28, 2008. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

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