Baby Sloth Wrestles With Mama At Denver Zoo: Watch

DENVER, CO — A baby sloth and her mother were captured on camera this week wrestling at the Denver Zoo. Zoo officials shared the adorable video on Facebook.

The 2-month-old sloth named Ruth is seen in the arms of her mother, Charlotte, as they playfully wrestle.

According to the Denver Zoo website, Ruth was born Jan. 28 after Charlotte had a 10-month pregnancy.

Zoo officials said Ruth "has a strong grip, is growing and doing well."

"Everyday, the baby appears to become more aware of the world and seems to investigate as much as it can while still clinging close to Charlotte (mom)," they wrote. "During Charlotte’s training sessions, the baby has started reaching out to keepers to eat solid foods (small pieces of cooked yam) from the keepers’ hand."

The video received roughly 3,500 likes and more than 1,300 shares just 24 hours after it was shared on Facebook.

–Photo via Shutterstock

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